Day 2: “Love Your Spouse Challenge”

Day 2: She keeps me “straight & level

Most of you know, I’m a pilot. I love to fly. It’s so invigorating to get up in the air with just you and the plane. The calmness that it brings in what really is a chaotic situation is truly amazing.

Not only does Kim give me the freedom and liberty to pursue my love of aviation, she (on occasion) will come along with me. Now, it’s not secret that she hates to fly. I mean, HATES it. Commercial aircraft or General Aviation, it makes no difference to her. I respect that.


Even though she may have a fear of something that I am passionate about, she is always willing to come along side me and support my personal desires.

My challenge to you today is to do something that makes your spouse happy … even though you may hate it. For you men out there, maybe that means taking your wife shopping; or for you laddies, maybe that means going to the driving range with your husband. I can’t define what it means to you but find a way to make your spouse happy today!