Day 3: “Love Your Spouse Challenge”

Day 3: She can throw a PARTY!

Kim has the amazing ability to make people feel welcomed and coordinate the most elaborate parties. For clarity here, I’m not talking about the parties that may come to your mind that you attended while in college; those days have come and gone. I’m talking about kid’s birthday and class parties (those are more fun anyway). She will plan and plan for weeks, making sure that she thinks of everything and every possible situation. She always considers what each individual at the party might need and she goes out of her way to make sure it happens. In a way, she is a strategic party planner.

Here’s an example: Kim recently threw a “science” birthday party for Grady (our 7-year old son); not only did she design specific science experiments for them to participate in and cook an assortment of coordinating “science food”, she even dressed up like a scientist:


What have you done recently to go out of your way for someone? Do you consider it too much of a chore or do you look at it as a pleasantry? Find a way to go above and beyond for your spouse today.