“Love Your Spouse” Challenge Introduction & Day 1

“Love Your Spouse” Challenge Introduction

I was challenged by a few for my friends over the last few weeks to take on the “Love Your Spouse Challenge”. While it’s taken me a couple of weeks, I boldly accept the challenge.

Upon being challenged to this, I first stated pursuing the history of this challenge. Disappointed, I was unable to source it’s origin. There are lots of challenges out there that range from 7 to 100-days and they involve a multitude of things, but I could not find anything specific to this challenge.

Because of that, I going to make my own rules. Each day, I’ll post a image that includes my wife with a comment regarding the memory and what it means to me in regards to our relationship. Come along with me on this journey … it will be fun!

Day 1: She loves SELFIES as much as I do.

NYC Statute of Liberty

Kim and I love to take selfies. Now to be fair, we were taking selfies long before it was “cool” to take selfies. I can recall a time on the Staten Island Fairy with Kim shortly after we were married; we were taking a selfie with the Statue of Liberty in the background and a very nice gentlemen asked if he could take a picture for us. He ended up taking our picture and I’m glad he did because it was much better than what I was going to capture.

Selfies are a great excuse to cuddle up next to your spouse and take a picture! There’s my challenge to you: Take a selfie with your spouse today!

A few more selfies of Kim and I: