The Waiting Game

If you’re thinking to yourself, “it’s been a while since Jeff has posted about his progress towards his doctorate degree”, you’d be right; it has been a while. Typically, when I go silent, it’s because I am researching and writing with great progress on my dissertation. That could not be farther from the truth in this instance. Over the last two months, I have done little research and little writing on my dissertation. My dissertation work has been complete and ready for a while now; the slow down is with the beuqacratic process that is academia. I’m not complaining or placing blame; I was aware this would be the challenge as it stepped into this. I’m just getting you up to speed. I have entered the waiting game.

Good news is, I am done with the researching and writing portion of my dissertation. I have an approved prospectus, an approved proposal, and my committee has approved my final section, the analysis and findings. What’s the delay you ask? Well, there are just a few more steps that have to be completed.

  • Feedback from Form & Style Review. This is basically an editor that reviews my work to ensure it aligns with the university writing standards. I’ve gotten this feedback and made a few minor edits.
  • 2nd Oral Defense: This is the part where I present the findings of my study to my committee. Honestly, this is a formality; they have all read my work and have approved it. I just need to prove that I can verbally articulate what I have put in writing. This is scheduled for this week.
  • Final Committee Review: After completing and passing the 2nd oral defense, my full committee will review and approve the final dissertation. Yes, we’re thinking the same thing: they have already read and approved the study. This is part of the academic process that just takes time.
  • Final Chief Academic Officer (CAO) Approval: After all those approvals, the CAO will be the last person to review my dissertation to ensure my work meets the standards of the university. Once the CAO approves, I will have a complete and published dissertation!

I am so close to completion! Assuming all stays on track, I will complete my doctorate degree by Christmas 2018. That is my goal and I’m working towards it. Wish me well as I enter the final stages of approval.