July Update


Education wise, things have been slow. I have been sitting on a completed version of section #2 of my dissertation for about two months. For a quick refresher of my doctoral process, you can revisit my previous post here.

This is one of my biggest frustrations with academia: things move slow. I’m talking at a snail’s pace slow. Not to worry, this is part of the journey.

As of today, I have an approved section #2. This is great news! My doctoral study proposal has been approved by my committee. Just a couple of more steps and then I can begin collecting data (the fun part). My immediate next step is to defend my proposal in an oral presentation; this should be scheduled in the next week. From there, I will have an independent review board approve my proposed research method and design; this will happen just after the oral defense is complete.

Once all that is complete, I will be on the 3rd and final section! I am hopeful and optimistic that this goes smoothly and swiftly. I’ll keep you updated! In the meantime, you can get a sneak peak of where my research is going here.