Summer of ’17

Gavin Haddox Baseball

This summer has been CRAZY busy and has flown by! So many things have happened that I need to catch you up on.

First, Gavin (my oldest son) was chosen to play on one of the Aledo All-Star teams. His team did great! They went on to take 2nd place in the South Zone Baseball Pony Mustang. They played 22 games in 5 weeks!

DSC_0658     Gavin Haddox Baseball

To add to all that fun while Gavin was playing baseball, Grady earned his Yellow/Black belt in karate. He has been working so diligently on his forms!

Gavin Haddox Baseball

jump kick

Then, we took a little vacation. It was really great to get away even if it was just for a couple of days. We took the boys to Pensacola Beach. They had a blast playing in the white sand. We also had the chance to reconnect with a few of our life-long friends. It really great to get to see everyone.

Gavin Haddox Boogie Board Beach

Grady Haddox Beach Ball


DBA Progress Aug 2017

With all that fun activity happening, I made some great process on my doctorate degree. I was able to complete both of my required residencies (one in Dallas and another in Atlanta). I have completed all my core course work and I now turn to my specialty classes (which should be a bit more energizing). I’ve also chosen my Chair for my doctoral study and have began writing my dissertation (crazy right)! I am officially 55% complete with the program and on-track to graduate in December 2018.

Crazy how fast time moves. Does that mean I’m getting old?





Cheers to the end of summer 2017 and the beginning of fall!