Doctoral Progress – Fall 2016

Time moves so quickly! I’m so glad I made the plunge and started back to school when I did (I owe that nice “push” to my wife). It was a little scary (and still is) but my first full semester is officially complete. 6 hour down as I work towards my Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA). 6 hours doesn’t seem like much but with my transfer credits from my Master’s Degree, I now have 18 hours completed towards my DBA.

For this DBA corecourseprogram, I must complete 32 hours of “core course” work. Similar to any degree program, there is defined core courses as well as your specialization or focus. With my 18 hours complete, I am 56% complete with my core course work. At this pace, I will complete all core course work by the end of Summer 2017!


When I look at my progress in the program in summation, I am 30% complete with the overall DBA program! I still have many reservations about the back half of the program, specifically the dissertation process. But the more progress I make in the program, the more comfortable I become with the thought of writing my dissertation.

I hope you’ll continue to follow me through this process! Thank you for all the support!

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