Day 6: “Love Your Spouse Challenge”

Day 6: She loves food

I know what you’re all thinking: “Why would he bring up food – girls are so sensitive about what and how much they eat”. Kim likes the taste of food; she has an appreciationĀ for it. She doesn’t over eat or gorge herself, she just likes food. And I appreciate her for that trait as it makes her an amazing cook!

{Yes, that’s bacon on a stick}

Kim’s enjoyment of food has helped to me appreciate the finer things in life. I now understand the value of siting down and eating a meal; it’s not just the substance aspect of the meal but rather the enjoyment of each other’s company and the conversations and memories that spawn out of those moments.

Are you using food as a catalyst for family conversations and for making memories? Take some time this week to purposefully sit with your spouse over dinner and truly enjoy each other’s conversation.

A few more pictures of Kim eating: